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Mission Statement

Support the work of the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabiliation Centre Merazonia in Ecuador as well as help them in their fight to conserve tthe biodiversity in this unique piece of Amazon.

About This Cause

The Dutch foundation Merazonia has as its main goal to financially support the work of the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabiliation Centre Merazonia in Ecuador.
Merazonia Wildlife Centre is a dynamic rescue and rehabilitation centre for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals, located on 250 acres of rainforest, in Mera, Ecuador, South America.
Animals confiscated by the Ministry of Environment and the police, are brought here where a team of dedicated professionals start working on their rehabilitation and release (where possible).
The centre cares for various species of primates, kinkajous, felines, other mammals and parrots. Merazonia does not receive any governmental help and for the beneft of the animals also does not receive tourists. Volunteers help care for the animals and donors support new projects such as new rehabilitation enclosures, post release tracking equipment and uducational projects.
Merazonia works on both rehabilitating and providing release programs for the animals. If animals are too injured or imprinted for this, the centre will give them a chance to live as naturally and comfortably as possible.

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