Deborah Borgens Stiftelse

Tønsberg, Vestfold, 3127 Norway

Mission Statement

Mental disorders are the biggest challenge for society today. More and more people struggle so much that they can't bear to live anymore. The suicide rate is increasing, and we can also mention PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and behavioral problems. Based on more than 30 years of experience and published research results on DB-System®, we aim to create sustainable solutions for mental health problems by changing both the treatment and the educational systems.

About This Cause

Deborah Borgens Foundation was established on the basis of more than 30 years of experience, and with research results that show that with simple steps we can achieve great results in a short time. Deborah Borgen used 24 years to develop a scientifically documented system of training and techniques for self-help, self-management and life mastery. The philosophy and techniques are registered under the trademark DB-System®. It is a scientifically documented system, and the foundation builds upon this philosophy and researched work that has already been done. Our work is based on a life-course perspective with the philosophy that the foundation for good mental health starts in early childhood and through a collaboration between all the arenas in which children are active. It is therefore essential to work comprehensively with knowledge and competence development both for children, but also for everyone with caring roles towards children. In addition, it is important to work to provide both adults and children with good health care and good treatment options when they are faced with stressful life events. We believe that the most important change is that people who are responsible for other people's mental health, directly or indirectly, know how we function as human beings and have good people skills – make people feel that they are seen, heard and understood, while also giving people tools for self-management and self-help.

Deborah Borgens Stiftelse
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Tønsberg, Vestfold 3127
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