Change One Life Charity Foundation

Moscow, Russia, , Russian Federation

Mission Statement

Change One Life Foundation helps orphan children find new families and not to loose them. We assist adopters and foster parents before and after bringing children to their families.

About This Cause

There are almost 50,000 children in Russia, who are longing for parents. These children are invisible. Why invisible? Because in the state databank you will find very poor information about a child and usually only one cold, emotionless photograph. How could prospective adoptive parents possibly see beyond this limited information into the heart of a real child? How could they make up their minds to go and visit him or her and get to know that child better, especially if the child lives in another town? The experience of our Foundation shows that short films about orphans significantly aid in the adoption of such children. The short films shows children as they really are: with their talents, joy and hopes. Real children are much more than just few words and a photo in state database. Videos help orphans to find a way to their new home quicker. We maintain the database of such videos on our website and promoting them in social media, mass media and adopters communities. Our experience shows that video profiles about orphans have become the most effective method of assistance for family arrangement of such kids, because they help older children as well as children with a specific health status be adopted too. Change One Life Foundation is not only a charitable organisation that assists orphans in finding families, but has also maintained a 24/7 information centre since 2012. More than 4,000 people visit our website daily. There you can find all necessary information about such themes: how to adopt a child; how to survive the period of adaptation; what kind of help children need in orphanages and what kind of support adoptive and foster parents need. Our news section is moderated by professional journalists. The Foundation employees diligently answer questions from parents and specialists by phone, by mail, via the website and in personal correspondence through social media channels. The blogs on our website, which are led by not only adoptive mothers, but also adoptive fathers and even older adopted children, enjoy immense popularity. The invaluable experience of those people helps other families feel supported, consider their own possibilities and gain greater insight into themselves and their children. Videoprofiles, created thanks to support on Benevity Causes

Change One Life Charity Foundation
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Russian Federation
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