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Mission Statement

Our vision is a world free of parasitic worm infections. Our mission is to support the development of effective and sustainable systems that will eliminate parasitic worm infections.

About This Cause

The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative was founded within Imperial College London in 2002. Thanks to 17 years of amazing support from the College, the SCI has been able to grow from a small research group in to its own standalone charity: SCI FOUNDATION.

The SCI Foundation have helped establish and grow programmes against parasitic worm infections in 15 sub-Saharan African countries where none previously existed, and now support the delivery of millions of treatments each year. In 2018, we reached the milestone of successfully delivering our 200 millionth treatment against these diseases and have expanded to a team of over 30 researchers and consultants.
Parasitic worm infections affect people in the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world. They can impair child development, reduce school attendance and productivity, increase the risk of HIV in women and lead to infertility and internal organ damage.

With over 1 billion people still at risk of infection, we need your help to reach them and end the devastating impact of parasitic worm infections.

Our Impact
SCI Foundation’s work is research- and evidence-based, which helps it be highly cost-effective - for every £1 spent up to three people can be treated. The SCI Foundation is proud of its reputation for delivering cost effective programmes that empower and mobilise local people to control and one day eradicate neglected tropical diseases like schistosomiasis from their communities.

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