Paper Trail (Legacy Archive Research)

Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT15 2BP United Kingdom

Mission Statement

Paper Trail's mission is to discover and collate historic, conflict-related information that is buried in official archives. Then, we aim to ensure it reaches the families who need it most.

About This Cause

Paper Trail (Legacy Archive Research) is a charity that offers free advocacy support and training to victims and survivors of the conflict in Ireland and Britain regardless of their background or creed. A key component of our charity work is legacy archive research - we follow the paper trail in secret files, discover history-making information, and ensure it reaches the families who need it most - families bereaved or injured during our terrible conflict. The state mechanisms for truth recovery have failed most of our families. Access to this information is denied to them or it is hidden from them for decades. So, Paper Trail developed from this very human need to know. As well as information, we share our skills and train victims and survivors how to perform their own legacy archive research and record the lived experiences of those they love. We also work closely with human rights and victims’ groups that represent families affected by the conflict.

Paper Trail (Legacy Archive Research)
Ashton Centre, 5 Churchill Street
Belfast, Northern Ireland BT15 2BP
United Kingdom
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