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Mission Statement

The Reporters Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit news organization and independent documentary production house. We’re dedicated to promoting social awareness, encouraging social change and championing social justice through powerful multimedia storytelling.

About This Cause

The Reporters Inc. is a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] journalistic production house. We’re dedicated to promoting social awareness, encouraging social change and championing social justice through powerful multimedia storytelling. We accomplish our mission through these three avenues: 1) INDEPENDENT DOCUMENTARIES *OUR PROJECTS We create and produce educational, historical, cultural and current events documentaries across the globe. Our Peabody, Murrow and Emmy award-winning team of journalists and videographers investigate socially relevant topics through the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Our projects are designed to inspire and enlighten you, to elicit meaningful dialogue, root out misinformation, dispel stereotypes and prejudices, and challenge the status quo. We tell stories that help you better understand the lives of others, and in the process, examine, analyze and reflect on your own life. We’re also a proud member of The International Documentary Association. *HOW WE’RE FUNDED To fund our documentaries, we rely on the support and donations of those who believe independent media is necessary and vital for true journalistic work to thrive and prosper in the 21st century. All donations and grants are tax deductible. Full details can be read in our donor policy. *MAINTAINING INTEGRITY We retain complete editorial control over our productions. We avoid all conflicts of interest that might compromise the integrity of our work. Our board, advisory committee and staff independently determine the subject matter we examine and investigate, without consideration of outside influencers or donor preferences. Our projects do not support the views, interests or policies of any political party or political viewpoint, or that of any single religion or religious viewpoint. Our journalism ethics policy guides us in our pursuit of accuracy and fairness. *HOW YOU CAN SEE OUR WORK We utilize the film festival circuit to introduce our work to the public, and then pursue wider theatrical releases, televised airings, home video distribution, and online digital opportunities. Prior to seeking out funding for many of our projects, we secure commitments to air them from public television. Our productions are often used by schools, workplaces, religious groups and other organizations as a tool for conflict resolution, cultural awareness, diversity training, and modern education. 2) INDEPENDENT ONLINE ARTICLES *IN-DEPTH REPORTING On our website, we publish original news analyses, feature stories, commentaries and essays, as well as exclusive book excerpts and investigations. Our articles are intended to create a community conversation for you online. We have the time, the talent, and the experience to dig deeply into a story. Just as we do with our documentaries, we retain complete editorial control over our written journalistic work. *DIVERSITY OF WRITERS Our reports come from a broad and diverse range of voices from around the world–people who are often underrepresented in traditional or mainstream media. *GROWING READERSHIP The Reporters Inc. is a proud member of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), a collaboration of more than 100 nonprofit newsrooms dedicated to serving the public interest. Our articles are syndicated and shared with hundreds of other media organizations, online magazines and top blogs. 3) VIDEO STORYTELLING SERVICES *MESSAGING AND MARKETING Whether you’re an under-resourced nonprofit or other purposeful organization wishing to better communicate your message or cause, you can hire us to create memorable presentations. Our video services are effective primarily because we utilize a journalistic approach to accomplish a marketing goal. *CREATING STRATEGIES THAT WORK Based on your needs and goals, we develop video strategies for you, both big and small: –Bite-sized (powered for social media posts and tweets) –Short-form (utilized for websites and YouTube) –Long-form (perfect for fundraising, marketing, publicity) –Documentary-style (suited for educational seminars, training, community awareness programs) *USING JOURNALISM FOR GOOD Through research and interviews, our storytelling techniques are designed to motivate and persuade your targeted audiences. We put human faces on the facts and figures in an informative yet compelling fashion. We also help you build on the momentum of our finished productions by showing you how to most effectively use them cultivate the attention of other media—in order to reach the broadest audience possible. *WHEN WE HELP YOU, YOU HELP US When you utilize this service to tell your story, the program fee includes a tax-deductible donation to The Reporters Inc. That helps us fund production of our independent documentaries and online articles. *WHEREVER YOU ARE, THAT’S WHERE WE GO Though we’re based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we’re set up to serve you anywhere. Have camera. Will travel. Whether it’s a groundbreaking independent documentary, a thought-provoking online article, or a powerful service-oriented video, The Reporters Inc. presents stories that will linger in your mind and simmer in your consciousness. We produce work that matters, and work that makes a difference.

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