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Mission Statement

Furry Faces Foundation is an all-volunteer nonprofit whose mission is helping people keep their pets with them and out of animal shelters and rescue groups. We support the belief that both people and the animals benefit from their relationship; for some people, the only companionship they have is their pet. Our focus is always on improving the human/animal bond, which is critical in keeping animals with their people. Many animal companions are surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of a job; medical care; domestic violence; or behavioral issues. We have three programs that provide financial assistance for pets whose people are financially restricted and in doing so, provide a vehicle for compassionate, social assistance. We also act as a community resource regarding pet nutrition; Veterinarian recommendations; pet behavior issues; and more. Many inappropriate behaviors can be corrected before a person gets to the point of thinking they need to surrender or re-home their pet.

About This Cause

Mission Statement: Keeping pets and people together. Furry Faces Foundation Programs: We have three retention and prevention programs that provide monetary assistance to pets whose humans are financially restricted. 1. Oliver's Helping Paw Fund This fund assists companion animals with healthy pet food, vaccines, unexpected Vet bills, and other needs. Assisting with unexpected Vet bills is #1 expense and has the biggest, positive impact on pets' lives. The majority of unexpected Vet Bills we assist with are $300 or less, and often life saving. For example: • A bladder or kidney infection that goes untreated can morph into a septic situation which results in the death of a beloved pet; for less than $100, the animal companion can receive the needed medical assistance to get well. • Vaccines provide protection against life threatening diseases such as Parvo and Panleuk. For just $14 - $24 per vaccine, we can provide preventative care. Homelessness, fleeing domestic violence situations and illness often present a need for temporary, long term fostering. When needed, we send out a community notice for caring, loving foster homes and then connect our client with the foster offers. During this time, Furry Faces provides all food and any needed medical care. Once our client is back on their feet, human and pet are reunited. 2. It's Hip, to Be Snipped! When offered reduced fee/free spay and neuter, over 90% of our clients say yes, and follow through with the surgery. For the other 10%, we continue a longer term, respectful conversation with them, and 9 out 10 times, they decide to spay or neuter their animal companion. Being homeless is the #1 killer of pets. Spaying and neutering is the most humane way to decrease the number of animals entering our shelters/rescue groups. Not only does it prevent unwanted litters, it eliminates many negative behaviors like roaming, fighting, and inappropriate urine marking. Male animals are less likely to roam, which reduces the chance of getting hit by a car, being exposed to toxic poisons, or being stolen. Lastly, spaying improves pets’ long-term health by preventing Pyometra, reducing the chance of breast cancer, and other complications of pregnancy. 3. Tag Your Pet...it ain't graffiti! The #1 way lost animals are reunited with their people is through a visual ID tag and collar. For cats entering shelters without ID, only 2 % to 3% are ever reunited with their human; for dogs, it’s a bit higher-- 12% to 15%. We want to all lost pets to be reunited with their people. Utilizing our donated pet tag engraving machine, we provide free pet ID tags to our clients, and if needed, collars and leashes. For those in our community that can afford it, we sell the same pet tags for just $5.00 each. These sales fund this program.

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