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Mission Statement

Project Jason, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families of missing persons. The organization offers tactical guidance, emotional support, and hope for families continuing their searches for answers. The families working with Project Jason benefit from increased public awareness of their missing loved ones through a variety of outreach and educational activities. The families are also guided toward existing resources available to help with their efforts.

About This Cause

About Project Jason Project Jason is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, and was established on October 6, 2003. Our organization primarily focuses on case assessment, resources, and support for families of the missing. We are not an investigative agency, nor do we perform searches. We offer services we are trained to provide. Kelly Murphy, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski, handles all interactions with family members, and has over 100 hours of professional training in various aspects of missing persons, including emotional support, understanding of DNA, support tools, databases and related matters, case management, media interaction, and more. All of our services are free. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on the generosity of the public to support us, so that we can continue this very important work. We ask that this support come from other members of the community, rather than the families of the missing. Message from the President and Founder of Project Jason: Before June 13th, 2001, we were just an ordinary family living a peaceful, happy existence. My husband, Jim, and I worked outside the home, spent time with our two wonderful sons, attended Mass every Sunday, and enjoyed the company of family and friends. On that fateful Wednesday, our lives changed forever. Our family unit was brutally ripped apart when our oldest son, Jason, then age 19, disappeared without a trace from our driveway. His younger brother, Michael, was the last to see him dragging our trashcans up from the curb while waiting for a carpool ride to his part-time job. No clues about Jason’s disappearance have been found to this day, and circumstances do not point to his being a runaway. Words cannot describe what it is like to have a loved one disappear. We are not allowed a goodbye or one last hug. We receive no phone calls or letters. We long to hear Jason’s voice and know that he is doing well, but have only the endless grief of not knowing. The seasons come and go, oblivious to our constant pain. When icy winter covers the ground with its beautiful, deadly blanket of snow, we can’t help but long to find out if he is safe and warm. Yet we are not allowed to know. Our faith in God helps us hope that he is safe and well, and lets us know that we will see him again someday. We chose to go on with our lives while striving to fulfill God’s plan for our family. When we were not able to locate our son, we felt that God was calling us to help other families find missing loved ones and cope with their disappearance. Although we will never give up hope that Jason will be found, or come home, we must move forward. Along the way, we have performed other tasks to fulfill our mission. After doing much research, we discovered that unlike many other states, Nebraska currently had no true clearinghouse to provide information about missing persons. Therefore, we presented LB111, Jason’s Law, to the State Judiciary Committee. On National Missing Children’s Day, May 25, 2005, Jason’s Law was passed. It allows for the creation of a state missing persons clearinghouse to gather and disseminate information about missing persons of all ages. Jason’s Law and its benefits began on September 3, 2005. Project Jason, founded on October 6, 2003, continues on in its mission to help locate missing people long after the law was enacted. Project Jason Mission Statement: “Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.” Our Motto: “All missing persons are loved by someone, and their families deserve to find the answers they seek in regards to the disappearance.” Our Creed: “We are the Voice for the Missing; speaking for those who are not among us but who are forever in our hearts.” The cause of finding the missing sometimes seems to fall between the cracks of society’s sidewalk. Having a family member or close friend inexplicably disappear does not happen to everyone, yet it happens more often than you would think. There are no boundaries of age or circumstance to prevent any family from suffering this fate. We never dreamed that we would become such a family, but here we are. In the US, there are over 105,000 active missing persons cases altogether. All of their families deserve help in facing the tragedy of a loved one’s disappearance. With your assistance, Project Jason can play an active role in providing them with comfort, assistance and resources while educating the public and increasing awareness of missing persons cases. Take a moment and try to put yourself in the place of these families. Please open your hearts to help us help them. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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