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Mission Statement

OneAmerica advances the fundamental principles of democracy and justice at the local, state and national levels by building power within immigrant communities in collaboration with key allies. We envision a peaceful world where every person’s human rights and dignity are respected, where communities appreciate differences and stand together for justice and equality, and where each person contributes to the common good.

About This Cause

OneAmerica was formed directly after September 11, 2001 in response to the hate crimes and discrimination targeting Arabs, Muslims and South Asians. Called Hate Free Zone at the time, the organization expanded to organize and advocate with many diverse communities of color. OneAmerica has now grown into a leading force for immigrant, civil and human rights.

To achieve OneAmerica's mission, we have five primary goals:
-to increase and enhance the participation of immigrants in civic life;
-to win positive policy change for immigrant communities locally and nationally;
-to improve the public climate for immigrant communities locally and nationally;
-to increase the capacity of immigrant organizations across the state to lead and advocate for change;
-continue to focus on OneAmerica's organizational capacity in order to achieve our mission effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

OneAmerica operates under the fundamental premise that voices spoken together are stronger. That's why we work to build coalitions between immigrant communities and mainstream communities. Although the burden of policies that erode constitutional and civil rights is falling primarily on immigrant communities, we know that all people are affected.

Key program areas for OneAmerica include Community Organizing, Immigrant Integration, Climate Justice, Early Childhood Learning and Education, English Language Learning, Civic Engagement, and the Washington New Americans Program. Specifically, our programs include our ability to:

-Work as a lead liaison to the national campaign to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).
-Actively advocate for the equal representation and inclusion of immigrant and refugee populations in Washington State.
-Serve as a voice for all immigrant populations as necessary to establish a clear and achievable path to citizenship.
-Advocate for policies that encourage immigrant integration at the national, state and local levels.

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