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Mission Statement

To improve health, food security, education, and economic development in rural Cambodia in ways that are self-sustaining by the individuals and communities we serve.

About This Cause

Trailblazer is most well known for helping our partner villages secure clean and abundant water. For each of more than 50 villages, we start by helping the community to dig wells and construct water filters. In addition to pure and plentiful water, these villages also need ample food to feed their families, good education facilities for their children, and opportunities to make a living.

Our four program areas—health, food security, education, and economic development—represent a well-rounded strategy for not just giving our partner communities a proverbial fish, but helping them learn how to live in ways that are self-sustaining. Trailblazer Foundation sustainable community development in Cambodia.

As a smaller organization that is committed to doing more with less, interns, volunteers and fundraisers are vital to Trailblazer Foundation's success. Volunteers make up a crucial part of our day-to-day operations. Our dedicated volunteers work with us on important projects that make a real impact in the communities of Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

Whether you want to help us on a short term basis or for a more substantial amount of time, we expect that your greatest satisfaction will come from knowing you helped any number of rural Cambodian families begin rising up out of subsistence living, toward a place of sustainable living.

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