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Mission Statement

The Rosacea Research & Development Institute [RRDi] is the first non-profit organization made by rosaceans for rosacea sufferers that will collect donations for rosacea research to be performed by physicians and biomedical research scientists and includes these specific goals: Goal # 1: To be the first non profit organization for rosacea patient advocacy and to find the cure for rosacea. Goal # 2: To have a majority of rosaceans the right to vote who sits on the board of directors. Goal # 3: To make this the first rosacea specific non profit organization to utilize most of the donations for research and treatment development. This is in stark contrast to non profit organizations that spend 50% to 60% of their donations on paying their staff, board of directors, conventions for professional members or to pay private contractors for services. Goal # 4: To allow rosacea sufferers to guide where and how the money is spent on rosacea research and be the first non profit organization to allow rosaceans to be members of the corporation. Until June 7, 2004, the date of incorporation, there had been no other non profit organization that allowed input from rosacea sufferers. Goal # 5: To attain a level such that the RRDi can directly impact medical articles published on the subject, information disseminated to physicians and rosacea sufferers and apply positive pressure on the medical community. Goal #6: Continue to publish the Journal of the RRDi and fund all authors who contribute an article. Goal #7: To allow volunteer members to have a platform to voice their concerns about rosacea and to contribute information about rosacea. Our goal is 10K members.

About This Cause

The Rosacea Research & Development Institute is the first and only grassroots 501 c 3 non profit organization for rosacea patient advocacy that is made up of rosacea sufferers whose only agenda is to provide a platform for rosacea sufferers to voice their concerns and to apply positive pressure upon the medical community to take rosacea serious and to engage in rosacea research that rosacea sufferers want implemented. This is in complete contrast to other non profit organizations for rosacea that are comprised and run by businessmen and dermatologists.

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