West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

Oakland, California, 94607 United States

Mission Statement

The West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project is a resident led, community-based environmental justice organization dedicated to achieving healthy homes, healthy jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all who live, work, learn and play in West Oakland, California. Through our Community-Based Participatory Research projects and our Collaborative Problem-Solving Model we build community empowerment and help local residents to achieve their own vision for healthy neighborhoods. Our mission is to build grassroots capacity to provide local leadership for positive change. Our work aids residents in understanding the political, social and natural forces that impact their lives. We give impacted residents the tools to participate in these processes and to drive change from the bottom.

About This Cause

We are celebrating a huge win! We led the campaign to stop a major west coast coal export facility planned for our West Oakland community. Join us for our next challenge: moving our freight industry to zero emissions and ending the terrible health impacts of diesel emissions.

Join our critical work to empower communities by becoming one of our "thousand blades of grass!" We need just 1000 committed people to provide us with the price of a cup of coffee each week. Just $10 a month will cover our operations costs and allow us to continue our leadership toward a cleaner environment and a more sustainable society for everyone.

Our programs include Community Based Participatory Research in which we partner with universities and the non-profit research community to support resident led research projects driven by neighborhood priorities. We teach residents to gather data on the air, water and soil around them and to use that data to advocate for positive change on their own streets.

We have successfully changed the local truck routes by analyzing truck traffic and collaborating with the commercial trucking industry. We have formal partnerships with regulatory agencies, like USEPA and the County health department, that bring regulatory power to our efforts to get local industry to reduce their impacts on neighboring residents.

We are training residents and government staff to work better together in efforts to make our neighborhoods more resilient to climate change.

We hope you will join us in this work by becoming on of our "thousand blades of grass" through a $10 a month commitment.

West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
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Oakland, California 94607
United States
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