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Mission Statement

Our mission as a youth development organization is to guide youth through programs and services that address social-emotional learning, career exploration, life coaching, and mentoring. We teach youth the transferable skills necessary for success in the workforce; we provide the essential guidance and resources to achieve higher education levels. We emphasize the importance of continuing education and highlight the connection between education and individual creativity. We achieve this by offering career-awareness/training programs and art-focused activities and events, along with our original e-publications on educational topics.

About This Cause

DeAndre’ Nixon founded iN Education in 2006 with the cause of helping the youth of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to get equipped for life after high school. After serving 1,000s of youth in Greater Akron, it later received its 501c (3) nonprofit status in September of 2007. While in this growth stage, several essential programs and services were implemented: Careers - 2006; Publication - 2014; Arts & Culture - 2016; Life Coaching - 2021. Throughout its journey, iN Education’s focus has evolved into self-expression, self-exploration, and self-actualization. Our overarching goal is to help students understand themselves; our motto is "Your journey, your impact, our future." Identifying an individual's gift(s) matters. We are proud to offer programs and services that focus on social-emotional wellness, self-exploration, self-development, arts, culture, and humanities. We believe that education is the foundation of a generation's ability to survive and thrive in the future. Each generation faces new challenges, and our education system must continually engage, motivate and stimulate our students in being adequately prepared to meet those challenges. The next generation of aspiring leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will be leading a far more complicated diverse people who are well-informed yet unprepared. It's imperative to influence and shape newer generations for a better future.

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