ARCHIVE Global: Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments

BROOKLYN, New York, 11216 United States

Mission Statement

Health starts at home. ARCHIVE works with communities worldwide to combat disease and improve health through housing design. We partner with local groups to design and build simple, cost-effective, and scalable housing improvements. We measure how these upgrades impact wellbeing. We advocate for the integration of health and housing.

About This Cause

ARCHIVE Global (Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments) is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of global public health, design and housing. We believe that improved housing design is the solution for securing disease reduction and economic resilience in impoverished communities worldwide. HOW WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE The world continues to spend billions on treatment-based models of disease control and prevention. While this approach has dramatically reduced disease rates, dependence on this narrow method is dangerously detrimental in the long-term. Preventative systems are essential to securing resilience and continued disease reduction. ARCHIVE Global has developed an interdisciplinary approach that uses simple, innovative, and cost-effective strategies to respond to global health challenges. To date, our work has resulted in: · Over 18,000 000 lives saved as a direct result of improved housing design around the world · Life saving knowledge on the link between housing and disease extended to 500,000 beneficiaries through our public awareness campaigns · Increased home value and better access to credit for direct beneficiaries of our work · Greater school attendance and increased human capital development in beneficiary families · Improved economic opportunities for individuals and households and an escape from persistent cyclic poverty for vulnerable communities OUR MODEL · Community Engagement and Education: We provide households with the resources and information needed to take simple measures to drastically reduce health risks within their home in addition to sourcing supporting the local economy through sourcing and education. · Policy Advocacy: Inform and influence decision makers at all levels to create frameworks to protect vulnerable communities from the risks associated with substandard housing · Construction for Disease Prevention: Facilitate practical home improvements including renovation of existing homes and building new, affordable dwellings AWARDS & RECOGNITION · MakingGoodDesign winner — AIANY Enya, 2016 · OpenIDEO Challenge winner —, 2015 · “One of 8 Best Sustainability Ideas on the Planet” — Forbes, 2014 · Katerva Award for Urban Design — Katerva, 2013

ARCHIVE Global: Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments
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