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Mission Statement

TisBest is the leading provider of customizable charity gift cards for businesses and consumers. TisBest encourages a gift of giving rather than a gift of "stuff." TisBest's DiscoverGiving program is a classroom philanthropy project for grades 3 through 6. The program offers lesson plans and curricula to teachers and parents and uses charity gift cards to help teach kids about the joy of giving. Learn more at www.TisBest.org/DiscoverGiving

About This Cause

TisBest creates customizable charity gift cards. The cards work like conventional gift cards with one important exception. Rather than using the card to purchase something in a store, the recipient of this card chooses a charity to receive the funds. TisBest introduced its classroom philanthropy project, DiscoverGiving (www.TisBest.org/discovergiving), in October 2013.

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