Puget Sound Repeater Group

Seattle, Washington, 98177-0448 United States

Mission Statement

A non-profit organization supporting emergency communications, public service, education and experimentation in amateur radio.

About This Cause

The Puget Sound Repeater Group is a non-profit organization founded by amateur radio operators with the following purposes: 
A. To provide volunteer amateur radio communication services to government agencies 
and the general public in times of emergency; 
B. To provide community, state and nation with volunteer amateur radio communication 
services in support of charitable agencies; 
C. To promote amateur radio related education;  
D. To promote programs that develop and improve the skills of licensed amateur radio 
operators; and 
E. To promote the development of new technology and scientific discoveries by supporting 
and encouraging research and technological innovation in the application of amateur 

The group maintains and operates a 2-meter FM Amateur Radio repeater system in the Seattle area, serving primarily North Seattle, from about Downtown through Shoreline, and east to about Bothell (although we’ve had people use the repeater regularly from as far away as Olympia and Everett). We currently have more than 200 members. The repeater is maintained by member volunteers for use by members and non-members alike. The repeater hosts several regular nets. Anyone with an Amateur license is welcome to use the repeater.

The groups repeater and members are active in emergency communications and directly support the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service and many other public service groups with communications support. The group support education and experimentation in radio communications and related technology.

Puget Sound Repeater Group
P.o. Box 77448
Seattle, Washington 98177-0448
United States
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