Los Ranchos, New Mexico, 87107 United States

Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic prenatal care, women’s health services, and a safe alternative to hospital birth for women and their families.

About This Cause

Dar a Luz delivers the true midwifery model to this community. That means holding space for each family’s unique journey, the miracle of birth, and the sacredness of being born while delivering the highest quality evidence-based care. We focus on personalized education, advocacy, and informed decision-making. This holistic approach to one of life’s most important events reduces maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity, unnecessary interventions, and cesarean surgeries. It also produces much higher rates of satisfaction. It is a fundamentally different approach compared to hospital care. But we are a small non-profit birth center working in a big for-profit healthcare system. What are we planning to do to make up the shortfall? Ultrasound, behavioral health, and insurance payment increases, for starters. Dar a Luz midwives will soon be able to do some kinds of maternity and gynecologic ultrasound. We will also offer behavioral health services for postpartum people with PTSD, intractable depression, and anxiety. All these efforts require Dar a Luz to invest time, training, and equipment above and beyond our current service level. As ambitious as we are, we also get your help! Donations bridge the gap and allow us to innovate more ways to serve babies and birthing people. Please donate today. Any amount helps!

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Los Ranchos, New Mexico 87107
United States
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