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Mission Statement

Circlewood's mission is to cultivate transformative communities that love and care for creation.

About This Cause

Each day we become more aware that the way we are living is harming our planet, our communities, and ourselves. We see the ways we are decimating the earth's ability to support the biodiversity necessary for life to flourish. We recognize the injustices created by a culture of overconsumption, privilege, and carelessness. We notice the pervasive sense of dis-ease, dislocation, and despair which often makes us feel anxious, rootless, hopeless, and overwhelmed by the state of the world. We worry about what we are handing down to future generations.

Each day also brings a growing number of people who are pursuing a different way of life - a way that is hopeful, healing, rooted in relationship with God and whole community of creation - the interconnected, interdependent world of animals, plants, land, water, and air which we call home. We are striving to live sustainably, and reforming our lives around God's call to love and care for creation. We are learning from those farther along the way and working together for a more just and verdant world. We are awakening to the sacredness of all that surrounds us, and finding ourselves more rooted, healthy, and hopeful. We believe that this is the way forward.

Circlewood is a community of people who are on this way together. Our work is focused on supporting one another and cultivating other communities that love and care for all of creation. We are based in the Puget Sound region of Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest), but are also part of a transformative, global movement. We are disciples - learners - who encourage and challenge one another with a lot of grace. We are rooted in the Christian tradition, but open to all who want to share in the journey.

Our big project is the development of Circlewood Village within our 40 acre forest property on Camano Island. It will be a place for connection, community, and collaboration.

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