Human Impact Partners

Oakland, California, 94607 United States

Mission Statement

Human Impact Partners’ mission is to transform the policies and places people need to live healthy lives by increasing the consideration of health and equity in decision-making. Through research, advocacy, and capacity building, we help organizations and public agencies who work with low-income communities and communities of color understand the effects of current or proposed projects and policies on community health.

About This Cause

Human Impact Partners envisions a world where all communities have optimal health and where the resources for health are equitably shared across race, class, gender, immigration status, geography, and other attributes. In that vision:

- Communities and policy-makers have a holistic understanding of health;
- Health and equity are primary considerations in decision-making;
- All people have the information, tools, and power needed to influence decisions that affect their lives; and
- Health provides a framework that brings diverse people and organizations together.

Our core strategies are:

- Research – Conduct policy focused, innovative and strategic research that evaluates health impacts and inequities to support targeted campaigns and movements for social change;
- Advocacy – Amplify the use of public health research, expertise, framing, and communications to support targeted campaigns and movements; and
- Capacity Building – Provide training and technical assistance to build the capacity of impacted communities and their advocates, public agencies, and elected officials to take action on the social determinants of health and equity.

Human Impact Partners
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