Boston, Massachusetts, 02135 United States

Mission Statement

Our mission as an inclusive, not-for-profit community workshop is to advance the learning, practice and culture of do-it-yourself (“DIY”) fabrication. We strive to provide anyone with access to the tools and training necessary to develop creative confidence and build the things they love.

About This Cause

Artisan’s Asylum is a singular environment for making. We are a 52,000 SF. fabrication wonderland where imagination comes alive. We foster the conditions for freedom of thought, collaboration and agency necessary for anyone to build the things people get passionate about.

Artisan’s Asylum is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization furnishing education, tools, workspace, and community to empower dedicated fabricators, including hobbyists, artists, and early stage entrepreneurs, to create on a small or large scale. We currently serve the Somerville, regional and global creative community including arts and innovation economy with the goal of making the world a place where anyone can give form to their ideas.

For the last ten years we have supported nearly 600 members annually by providing 24-hour access to 160 studios, 14 shops and shared work spaces. Our shops include wood , metal, fiber arts, digital fabrication, jewelry, and electronics and robotics. Since 2010 we have delivered an average of 2,280 hours of instruction each year serving 1,470 students and providing $115,000 in instructor wages. We estimate that Artisans has generated
$70M in economic activity, including the launch of 25 startups and creation of 150 jobs during our first 10 years.

As a dynamic, member supported fabrication hub, we are at an exciting turning point. In January 2022 we relocated to 52,500 SF in Allston-Brighton and began our transformation into a community-wide resource for creativity, lifelong learning, innovative entrepreneurship and experiential wonder in Boston. Spread across two buildings that house a dozen workshops and 170 studios, Artisans is vibrant community workshop for collaboration.

96 Holton Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02135
United States
Phone (617) 284-6878
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