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Mission Statement

Agile World's mission is to support entertainment, educational and training initiatives that provide free Agile training resources for everyone. Agile World is committed to Practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in everyday life. Agile World is involved in several Initiatives with a global remit that meet our focus of reducing the barriers to knowledge and education that otherwise exist for a large proportion of the world because of languages, finances or an individual’s physical location. At Agile World we recognise that mindsets are not easily changed but need evidence before choosing change. It is essential to understand that better ways of living or working cannot be imposed, but rather they must show tangible benefits to people lives before they adopt them as better ways to live and they become the norm. "Mindsets change with benefits gained" Co-Founder Karl A L Smith

About This Cause

Agile World has created a volunteer run ecosystem of nine organisations with over 80 digital presence locations since January 2021. Our volunteers are amazing people who have made a commitment to help people they may never meet, all while working full time, managing their home lives and relationships and being good citizens. Agile World Education and Training initiatives are focused on how people learn and adopt new ideas, there are the entertainment and discovery aspects of Agile World Broadcast Media, the formal aspects of of the Agile World Institute, the self service and self led behaviour of the Agile World Resources and finally the challenge driven by Think Agile to ensure that we do not become stale in our approaches and ways to support people. Each of the these Agile experiments connects thinking about something to actually doing something and when we think of more we will do more, but we will constantly refine and evolve just like any other Agile activity. 1. Agile World Broadcast Network (Agile World News) a nonprofit organisation to provide a gateway for the adoption of Agile by creating entertainment and educational media for supporting people to gain free access to Agile education and continued professional development for existing Agile practitioners. 2. Agile World Communities initiative emerged with the goal of boosting collaboration between communities that contribute to society based on the principles of Agility (“being agile”). 3. Agile World Institute a nonprofit educational organisation with a focus on supporting Agile people to make an Agile World, one day at a time. The Agile World Institute is a voluntary nonprofit organisation focused on practical education and training to support people where they are in their life. There are no entry qualifications of prerequisite just a willingness and desire to be better than yesterday. Our main focus is creating regulated educational materials and resources for Parents, Teachers and Lectures. 4. Agile World Publishing a nonprofit organisation is a combination of five different initiatives into one digital experience. It appears to be one website but is in fact five separately focused sites with different activities the main site is focused on operations and support and occasionally showcasing content. I was decided to build this way in order to facilitate a holistic adoption of agile practices and support mechanisms as the whole world move towards a more Agile lifestyle. 5. Family Agile a nonprofit organisation focused on support and training to assist families, in all aspects of living, adopting agile practices and mindsets to facilitate a better experience, awareness and engagement within the family home, with siblings and the elderly. 6. Work Agile a nonprofit organisation focused on practical enhancement to peoples ways of working considering the work ecosystem and interaction with others towards a more consistent understanding of the status and flow of work organisation wide. 7. Society Agile a nonprofit organisation focused on how Agile affects human expectations of behaviour, transparency and respect and has close ties to the Think Agile as an outlet for positional concepts and ideas. 8. Be Agile a nonprofit organisation focused on practical Agile, and gaining a greater understanding of the aspects of Agile thinking, behaviour, interaction, mindset etc, it is evolving as humans evolve. - Be Agile World Resources - Be Agile World Resources – Agile Dictionary - Be Agile World Resources – Agile Playbook 9. Think Agile a nonprofit organisation is a think tank organisation currently being set up to investigate the bigger opportunities on a global scale that Agile offers humanity, taking an evolutionary approach to move Agile into is next iterations.

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