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Mission Statement

In support of Common Cause’s mission of promoting open, honest, and accountable government, the Common Cause Education Fund seeks, through research, public education and innovative programs, to: increase public understanding of the democratic process and, where appropriate, the need for change; empower citizens and promote their effective participation in all aspects of the democratic process at the local, state and federal level; and empower citizens to hold their government accountable.

About This Cause

Our democracy is under attack like never before -- fueled by lies about our elections, big money special interests, and a privileged few who seek to lock in their political power at everyone else's expense. Together, we can take action to uphold the values we all share. Every election year, we recruit, train, and deploy thousands of Election Protection volunteers across the nation. These trained, nonpartisan volunteers serve as voters’ first line of defense against confusing voting rules, outdated infrastructure, rampant misinformation, and needless obstacles to the ballot box. Common Cause Education Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization that supports national, state, and local efforts to strengthen our democracy and uphold core values of American democracy. We work to empower all people to make their voices heard in the political process. We have staff, offices, allies, and advocates in more than twenty-five states and the District of Columbia. We are dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy by working to create open, honest, inclusive, and accountable government that serves the public interest, promotes equal rights, opportunity, and representation, and empowers people to make their voices heard through diverse platforms, campaigns, and actions. Under a strong and effective hub-and-spoke model, CCEF’s national programs and office strengthens and supports our state operations across the country by providing strategic and policy advice, communications, digital organizing and outreach, and operational support including finance, recruitment, development, and administration. We empower citizens and help build a democracy that is powered by its people using research, public education, coalition building, citizen engagement, policy development and litigation, and by helping state and national leaders with strategic support, policy expertise, materials, and legal analysis. And it’s all made possible by support from our passionate community.

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