Scottsdale, Arizona, 85261 United States

Mission Statement

We rescue, care for, and rehabilitate wonderful dogs that have medical issues or may not be easiest to place because of lack of training and socialization. Many of our dogs are taken from the euthanasia lists at County shelters. We rescue dogs from cities and towns across Arizona, and occasionally assist in special cases elsewhere. Every aspect of our work helps to ensure better days ahead for each dog!

About This Cause

We're a tiny rescue of all volunteers – no paid staff. We're self-funded and receive few donations. Organizations such as PACC911 have gifted us funds to help cover catestrophic medical cases. We have achieved US Federal non-profit status and are a 501(c)(3) charity. Please consider supporting us by donating and/or volunteering!! Our presence on Guidestar is newly updated; we've attained Bronze status and our profile will soon include our "transparency" data. Our Shelter Animals Count data will soon go live. Be assured that your support of the dogs goes TO THE CARE OF THE DOGS, and NOT to administrative/operating expense or to employee salaries, as is the case with many animal welfare organizations. We pride ourselves in extensive vetting of incoming dogs. This includes complete bloodwork, as well as tests for Valley Fever, Tick Fever, Heartworm, and Giardia. We place dogs on preventive medications, and strive to discern and treat any existing issues using whatever diagnostics and interventions are necessary. We do not have a shelter, our dogs live in private accommodations around the Phoenix area. Our dogs are, almost without exception, placed in the greater Phoenix area. We post news, progress videos, sneakpeaks, candids/outtakes, and other fun images in social media: @BetterDaysRescue on Facebook and Instagram, @betterdaysresq on Twitter. Our extensive screening process for prospective adopters, includes a detailed application, fact and reference check, telephone interview, home visit, foster-to-adopt period, and finally a detailed adoption contract. We provide support during and beyond the settling-in period, employing a 100% effective behavioral trainer when needed. OUR DONOR PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY: We do not disclose the identity of our donors, and we do not share their contact information.

Po Box 5374
Scottsdale, Arizona 85261
United States
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