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Mission Statement

World Access for the Blind teaches blind children, teens and adults to 'see' with sound. It has been scientifically-proven that the echoes from our FlashSonar™ refined echolocation clicks act like sparks that light-up the Visual Cortex of the human brain with acoustic imagery impulses that then create something of a spatial map for blind persons. Be the spark of opportunity and invest your donation in lighting-up a future of self-directed purpose, achievement and dignity for a blind person as they learn to light-up the world around them with FlashSonar™ echolocation, supplemented by our pioneering full-length cane navigation. Thank You!

About This Cause

World Access For The Blind is a California-registered 501(c)(3) Non-Proft organization. For over 15 years, we have taught 'perceptual navigation' to nearly 10,000 students, instructors, organizations and families in nearly 40 countries. Our FlashSonar™ echolocation clicks have echoed to more than two billion people around the world via major TV networks such as ABC Australia, BBC, CBC, CTV, CNN, Discovery, Fox, History Channel, iTV, National Geographic and many more. That exposure has created a waiting list of blind and sighted persons who want to learn FlashSonar™, and many who want to train to become Perceptual Navigation Instructors. Your donation (tax-deductible in the U.S.) becomes an investment that creates new jobs in the USA, and new opportunities to reach more blind children, teens and adults with a new way of 'seeing'. We are a dedicated team who lead by example , as most of us are blind! We are known for our No Limits attitude, as we do not settle for the minimum requirements of functioning, but instead challenge ourselves and our students to reach beyond their limits. Our students learn that they can direct their own lives rich with quality, promise, and as much excitement and intrigue as they could wish for. By our approach, blind people can grow from being passive recipients, often marginalized and restricted, to active contributors free to achieve a quality of life of their own choosing. Through your generous support, we help more blind children, teens, and adults globally to improve their quality of life, to challenge poverty and social isolation, and to find the Perceptual Freedom to realize their dreams. Learn more at our website, and our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages!

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