Community and Airport Partnership for Safe Operation

San Jose, California, 95156 United States

Mission Statement

Our mission can be articulated in five major goals: 1. Promote and preserve safe and efficient operations at Reid-Hillview Airport to the benefit of the general aviation and the local community 2. Advance public understanding and interest in the beneficial use and utilization of the airport’s resources through education and social means 3. Engage our local community in aviation education, including awareness of aviation-related careers accessible via county airports 4. Represent the Reid Hillview aviation community with the local authorities and politicians, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Silicon Valley community at large 5. Provide a means for all parties interested in the future of Reid-Hillview Airport to network within the community

About This Cause

We are: • Airport businesses & employees • Pilots and aircraft owners • San Jose State students and community members pursuing aviation careers • Residents concerned about safety and noise • Volunteers for emergency and humanitarian services CAAPSO was founded in 2017 as a partnership between parties interested in securing the future of Reid-Hillview airport. CAAPSO is a not-for-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) (EIN 35-2606912) corporate organization and a chapter of the California Pilots Association (CAL Pilots). CAAPSO started through the joint collaboration of a diversified group of founding members, including: – Local FBOs (Fixed Base Operators: Fuel, Training, Maintenance, Rentals) – San Jose State University – Aviation Department – RHV tenants (Pilots/Aircraft Owners/Flying Clubs) – Aviation education interested parties from the local community

Community and Airport Partnership for Safe Operation
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