United Way Quad Cities

Bettendorf, Iowa, 52722 United States

Mission Statement

United Way believes every Quad Citizen deserves the opportunity to lead their best possible life. These opportunities happen by involving people in volunteerism, advocacy and giving. The result is a mobilized community creating the conditions for every Quad Citizen to lead a happy, successful life and a healthier, stronger region.

About This Cause

We put opportunity in the hands of all Quad Citizens. Above all, we inspire unity in our community to create the conditions that achieve lasting results right here at home; because every Quad Citizen deserves the opportunity to live their best possible life. What we do: We develop, support and invest in the most impactful strategies and partners to strengthen education, income and health - the building blocks of opportunity. Our investments of time and treasure are data driven and aimed at root causes for long-term, measurable change. Together, we aim to: * Ensure more kids succeed in school and life. * Enable more adults to achieve gainful employment and financial stability. * Give people the tools to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. How we do it: United Way involves partners and supporters from all walks of life in volunteerism, advocacy and investment to strengthen education, income and health – the building blocks of opportunity. We use our resources and networks to bring the best people, ideas and projects together to create opportunities for all Quad Citizens. We foster social innovation, mobilize volunteers, drive business participation, and spur the public and lawmakers to act for the common good. Who we work with: We partner with those organizations, entrepreneurs and grassroots groups that are best positioned to help us meet our community’s goals. We use our expertise and resources to identify the greatest needs in the areas of education, income and health, and we vet potential partners to ensure our investments are driving us toward those goals.

United Way Quad Cities
852 Middle Road #401
Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
United States
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