LOS ANGELES, California, 90034 United States

Mission Statement

Our goal is to inspire children to live, love and learn math and to create life long problem solvers who will become our next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, artists, architects and leaders.

About This Cause

One of our primary mission statements is to help provide access and socio-economic/gender equity in the STEM fields. STEME Learning Center offers unique and dynamic math enrichment programs, such as afterschool/ Saturday programs, homeshool programs, camps during winter, spring, and summer breaks, and MORE! All of our programs are designed to enhance your children's learning and appreciation of math. Using project based learning and our own city as inspiration, we help children find math in both the ordinary and the extraordinary; from the architecture that surrounds us to the technology that is so integral to our daily lives. Together we become math explorers, using a wide variety of subjects as our palette: music, art, science, computers, nature; what we find is that math is everywhere, affecting all of us.

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LOS ANGELES, California 90034
United States
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