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Mission Statement

The Center for Artistic Activism: Making more creative activists and more effective artists since 2009. Negative predictions come easily and the world has enough bitterness. Right now the world needs our vision, our optimism, and our empathy. It needs our drive and motivation. It needs our most compelling stories, our creativity, and it needs our humor. We need new ideas of how the world can work, and new ways to get there. This is our specialty, and we know how to help. The Center for Artistic Activism is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. Artistic activism is more than just an innovative tactic, it is an entire approach: a perspective, a practice, a philosophy. Our goal is to make more creative activists and more effective artists through practical tools. We aim to win.

About This Cause

The Center for Artistic Activism is committed to training groups and individuals who are looking for creative and effective ways to counteract bigotry, hate, misinformation and fear. Why C4AA? Artistic activism is an entire approach: a perspective, a practice, a philosophy and a proven methodology that helps progressive activists and artists and the causes they serve. To date we have worked with nearly 1000 activists and artists from all across the country and in nearly 40 countries around the world, helping them form effective, innovative campaigns around voting rights, xenophobia, islamophobia, LGBTQ rights, economic inequality, environmental justice, racial intolerance and other issues. From small community organizations to international NGOs, visionary activists are looking to understand how to employ culture, story, spectacle and vision alongside more traditional organizing practices. To reclaim the narrative in the U.S., groups must learn how to create sustainable, resilient campaigns that employ our best strategies. The Center is the only training school that offers a broad-based education that teaches how to do this, focused on the organizers themselves; teaching principles, perspectives, and skills of creative activism that they can apply to their own campaigns, long-term. Innovation is required: we don’t just provide tactics, we teach a proven methodology for developing creative campaigns.

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