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Mission Statement

The average ratio of high school counselors to students is 1:854. is a 501 (c) (3) that helps fill a critical gap in our social system – helping students figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Our organization does this through a focused, multi-phase process of self- discovery, career exploration, and acquiring skills important for accomplishing career and life goals. G.R.O.W. has utilized evidence-based research and interactive pedagogy to create fluid programing for students to successfully identify careers that are aligned with their intrinsic skills and interests. Our interactive/introspective allows for students to make self-directed decisions, empowering them to take control of their lives. Our curriculum has shown to help with retention rates, introduce students to new careers, and help students stop drifting.

About This Cause

Many organizations offer valuable information based on THEIR knowledge. G.R.O.W.’s curriculum is interactive or introspective to allow YOU to discover how your unique gifts fit into career choices. We truly believe that a deep level of self-understanding has to be the first step in deciding your future. Understanding why ones headed in a certain direction increases self-motivation, engagement and success within education and work. There are many different tools to help identify different layers of who you are; none of which that have been tied together in a cohesive manner or that have been developed for youth. We have also found that some tools have complications related to cost and scalability. G.R.O.W.’s curriculum development team has researched related tools and has created a unique curriculum with the best of all worlds. Our curriculum functions in a fluid process of: a) identifying the key aspects of who you are b) exploring career options c) gain tools to achieve goals.

Quantitative Data:
• 100% of students responded positively that they have a greater understanding of themselves.
• 97% of students responded positively that they have more clarity about their career path
• 97% of students responded positively that they have a better understanding of how to
accomplish their life goals.

Qualitative Data:
• "I learned that I can be great leader and that if I commit to something I will be able to reach it." - Student from Kennedy High School - Age 16
• “I thought G.R.O.W. was a very good program that helped a lot of people find out who they are, what their abilities are, what their skills are and what they want to do in the future. It’s given me more drive and determination. It reinsured what I want to do in life, to be successful and go to college and taking those right steps to getting to where I want to be. I loved the class. It gave me so many opportunities. I feel like a lot of people can benefit from G.R.O.W.” - Neal – Age 17
• "G.R.O.W. helps you stop drifting and puts you on the right path. After taking the class I went from having D's and F's to A's and B's because I understood how school is important to reaching the goals I chose for myself." - Che - Age 18

Due to the success of the program and the gap that our program fills we have been asked to bring our teachings into new partnership organizations and high schools. The current demand for our program exceeds our capabilities. We are now ready to scale our program by creating an (1) online platform to training new facilitators and an (2) educational game for students. Our vision is to first expand our teachings nationally and eventually internationally.

Our Curriculum

G.R.O.W.’s curriculum is primarily interactive or introspective to increase student’s engagement and improve quality associated with scaling. We do this through three phases:

A (Assessment), students explore who they are through an investigation of values, personality, passions, leadership styles and skills.
I (Imagination), we look at career possibilities by investigating company culture, career options, and conduct “dream job” interviews.
M (Management), students gain tools that assist in personal branding, networking, college planning, getting and keeping a job, as well as complete a working roadmap that will help students monitor and obtain their goals.

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