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Mission Statement

Positive impact through social science.

About This Cause

Leverage Research is conducting analyses of existing academic literature in experimental psychology, psychoanalysis, and related research traditions. The Organization is also conducting basic research into the goals and incentives that shape human behavior. This research promises to improve humanity’s understanding of ourselves, what we want and why we act the ways we do.

Leverage is analyzing traditional management practices and conducting its own basic research on new and innovative ways to effectively organize people. This research has shed light on many underlying dynamics that help to ensure the success or failure of projects, and has yielded practical recommendations for how to organize people more effectively.

The Effective Altruism movement is a movement dedicating to figuring out the most effective ways to improve the world, and then acting on the basis of that knowledge. The Organization makes formal and informal presentations to leaders and members of the Effective Altruism movement on topics pertaining to individual psychology and group dynamics, in order to help them to fulfill their mission of effectively improving the world.

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