Moscow, Idaho, 83843 United States

Mission Statement

At TIFO, we believe all people have the right to live and work in a healthy environment. We envision a world where all communities have the knowledge and skills to protect future generations and maintain livelihoods. TIFO works with vulnerable communities around the world to address health issues associated with mining, recycling, and other hazardous industries.

About This Cause

TIFO is a diverse, interdisciplinary group of scientists that specialize in reducing human health risks associated with mining, mineral recycling, and other hazardous industries. Our model is to build local capacity to minimize health impacts in these communities so that people can maintain livelihoods without sacrificing their health. We assist communities, governments, universities, and other NGOs to address environmental health challenges by providing technical expertise that is adapted, implemented, and sustained by local agents of change. TIFO is a public non-profit organization 501c(3).

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Moscow, Idaho 83843
United States
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