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Mission Statement

Silver Lining Villages is a self-help life skills academy providing and teaching alternative stress reduction techniques, holistic services, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and other non-invasive stress reduction modalities for post traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injury for active duty servicemen and servicewomen and their families, as well as United States Veterans. Since 2012, we have served over 900 Veterans through a combination of Skype sessions, retreats, workshops, group sessions, individual computer training and as a clearinghouse to other services. In Fall 2019 we are beginning two new entrepreneurial training programs for displaced Veterans and those Veterans seeking reintegration into work. 1 - Agritherapy Aquaponics Entrepreneurial Program (AAEP) - an agricultural training program in small farming, indoor farming 2 - Furniture Making and Upholstery Entrepreneurial Program

About This Cause

RURAL LIFE SKILLS ACADEMY We are currently focused on job training for displaced Veterans, in which each formerly homeless veteran will learn furniture making, sustainable construction and sustainable agriculture, as well as business management skills. Businesses we start for training, will also sustain the organization. PRIMARY METHODS WE USE: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) We use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in our group sessions, with individual sessions and on Skype. The wonderful thing about EFT is that we work with the client weekly and hit the major traumas in their lives over a six month period, but we also teach them to create the correct statements that will allow them to use it by themselves over a lifetime. In this manner, even if they are in a traumatice situation 10 years from now, they will have the ability to limit the damaging effects of that trauma by using these techniques themselves. This helps them improve their lives and the lives of their families throughout for years to come. This is the primary modality we use because of this factor and its deep level effectiveness. RETREATS We do one day, two day and three day retreats using EFT and other modalities for stress reduction. We are also developing one to 5 day retreats that will also include equine assisted modalities in conjunction with EFT. We can also do these retreats for corporations, which also supports the veteran's work. retreats will be year round on the farm campus.

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