The Hidden Genius Project

Oakland, California, 94609 United States

Mission Statement

The Hidden Genius Project seeks to reveal the true potential of black male youth and transform their communities from the inside out. Through our student-centered, project-based approach, we invest in young black men, give them access to technology training, and plug them into an ecosystem of innovation and empowerment.

About This Cause

Using a holistic approach, The Hidden Genius Project instills the value of community, provides a shared experience, and creates a community of care that tends to the whole child. Truly meeting students where they are, the 15-month no-cost Intensive Immersion program is the only one of its kind in the nation—in part, because this is hard work.

High school students participate in 15 months of intensive technical
and entrepreneurial training: Two 7-week summer sessions, one year
of after-school programming, and more than 800 hours of training in:
● Computer Science + Software Development
● Critical Thinking + Problem Solving
● Business + Entrepreneurship
● Leadership + Manhood Development
Students learn multiple programming languages, develop their own software applications, and hone community leadership skills through
robust coaching in written and verbal communications, goal-setting,
and healthy decision-making.

The Hidden Genius Project offers free single- and multi-day events and workshops throughout the year with the express intent of igniting interest and exposing black males to mentors, basic computer programming, and pathways to tech-careers.

Middle and high school students participate in short-term workshops
that teach them introductory coding skills and expose them to technology professionals and careers.

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The Hidden Genius Project
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