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Mission Statement

Advancing The Research (ATR) is an educational organization focused on the appreciation of African and African diaspora culture and history, and is dedicated to promoting the empowerment of indigenous people and urban communities through the preservation of artifacts and historical archaeological sites. ATR conducts leading first-hand investigation (primary research) in Africana Studies and provides the public with practical knowledge of African contributions to the world.

About This Cause

Advancing The Research is an educational organization which is a leader in primary research focusing on the preservation and promotion of African culture and history worldwide.

A major project of Advancing The Research is the Save Nubia Project. This Project is focused on saving the archaeological evidence of ancient Kushite and Nubian civilizations in the Sudan from flooding, due to proposed dams. The local ecosystem, the health of the affected peoples, and their ancestral homelands are under severe threat.

The mission of the Save Nubia Project (SNP) is to help raise international awareness about the pending flooding of the central areas of the ancient Kushite and Nubian civilizations in the Sudan. There are a series of dams (from the 2nd through 5th cataracts) scheduled for construction, each of which will cause the Nile River to back up and create a reservoir and flood countless ancient archaeological sites and displace well over 100,000 local Sudanese people. Thus, SNP's task is to document that the dam construction areas in northern and central Sudan are valuable World Heritage Sites that are in danger of being destroyed, and should be preserved.

The SNP’s focus is three-fold:

1. To document, record, and publish historical and archaeological evidence on the importance of this historic northern and central Sudan region.

2. To work with the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) in Sudan to present compelling evidence to UNESCO, which has the authority to designate the Sudanese dam areas as World Heritage Sites under threat, which may help protect these areas from dam construction and inundation. There are other sources of energy available in Sudan, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

3. To assist the local Nubian people near the 2nd and 3rd cataracts to build a series of museums to help preserve their heritage.

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