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Mission Statement

Empowering and entrusting communities to be at the center of their own development.

About This Cause

We value collaborative and innovative change making. At the heart of these values is the desire to support people as leaders and stewards of their own growth and development. We acknowledge and assert that Africa is the "epitome of resilience" and home to "technological geniuses, artists, activists, scholars and thriving despite slavery, colonization and continued exploitation by western countries in the present day." (quotes from Chidera Ihejirika's 2018 article in Afropunk.) The primary goal of ICPSD is to support community-led development and native species ecosystem restoration. We work with local communities in a unique, holistic approach, blending science-based and local knowledge to bolster local communities in improving environmental and economic resilience, with a focus on youth and women. By supporting reforestation efforts in Togo, you directly (1) participate in the re-establishment of healthy forest structure, (2) support conservation knowledge-building and educational outreach activities, and (3) increase accessibility to education and resiliency resources for women and youth. The Challenge Every year Togo loses approximately five million trees. This is in a country where the forest covers only 386,000 hectares, or 6.8% of the national area (half of what it was in 1975). Despite the already extremely low forest cover in Togo, the annual rate of deforestation (i.e. the area of forest cut in the year compared to the area of standing forest at the beginning of the year) has reached 4.5%. This ranks Togo as one of the highest in the world for deforestation. One of the biggest impacts on this in Togo being the 90% of households that rely on firewood for cooking. Agricultural expansion, logging, and forest fires are major factors as well. Land degradation from deforestation is a challenge around the globe. It is a primary contributor to decline in crop production, increase in low income levels, and change to climate. Lack of knowledge on sustainable land management and forest biodiversity conservation, low levels of awareness by local communities, and poor land and forest resource regulations contribute to increased rates of deforestation and land degradation. The Opportunity ICPSD’s approach directly targets building knowledge and awareness around land management, agroforestry and other sustainable approaches by contributing to and supporting community-led education, outreach, and resources for the reforestation of native plant species. Women have a leading role in the business of farming and agricultural value chains regionally throughout Togo. We are partnered with a local women’s cooperative who lead our workshop, nursery production, and outplanting efforts. We engage youth of the community in nursery and restoration activities while supporting their education and leadership development. ICPSD was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Idaho in 2012. Official operations began and 501(c)(3) tax status was received in January of 2015.

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