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Mission Statement

Santa Clara County is among the top five counties in the country, both in its number of homeless residents (over 6,500) and the percentage of homeless individuals who sleep outdoors without shelter (over 80%). In the past year, homelessness in the county has risen by 13%.* Heart and Home Collaborative (H+H) brings the entire community together to respond to the immediate needs of our homeless neighbors. Our core values are respect, participatory planning, and friendship. The two County-funded women’s shelters have fewer than 30 beds combined. H+H's cold-weather women's shelter relies on funding and volunteer power from area residents to provide a warm, safe space for 15 women to sleep each night. Funds donated to H+H will be used for insurance, permits, and overnight staff wages for this this year’s three month shelter program (space and most supplies are donated).

About This Cause

Heart and Home Collaborative is a nonprofit that provides seasonal winter shelter for fifteen unhoused women in the greater Palo Alto community. We partner with Palo Alto congregations to provide space to sleep in a professionally staffed environment from 7pm-7am; mattresses and bedding; dinner; breakfast and to-go lunches; daytime storage for 1 bag of belongings; laundry service; a weekly shower truck; and weekly house meetings. Heart and Home is unique in its approach to shelter because of its client-centered model. We understand that our shelter guests are our experts, and give them a leading role in shaping their shelter experience.

Inspired by personal conversation with members of the unhoused community in Palo Alto, the shelter was founded by Stanford students in 2012. Today, our network of volunteers comes from the Stanford student body, Palo Alto church attendees and other community members, and local high school students. Through sharing meals and personal conversation, friendships among guests and volunteers readily form and thrive in the safe, respectful, and mutually supportive environment that Heart and Home Collaborative strives to foster.

Homelessness in Palo Alto has increased by 26% over the past two years. Your support is integral as we strive to meet this growing need.

*HUD's 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress

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