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Mission Statement

Living Islands is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, dedicated to supporting Pacific Islander Communities through education and awareness since 2013.

About This Cause

Living Islands is a Cultural and Educational Network Organization supporting strong Micronesian communities everywhere by celebrating and advocating for the diverse and unique cultures of the Micronesian people. We form strong and permanent relations between local and international leaders, stakeholders, and communities through traditional storytelling, cultural research, knowledge sharing, community work, awareness building, and targeted educational programming. We believe supporting strong communities is the first step towards strong and sustainable societies. In these hard COVID-19 times, we have focused our efforts on bringing native language material, raise funding, and bring resources to our communities, as well as increase global awareness about the Pacific Islanders. Your support will directly help one of the hardest-hit and most underserved population groups in the United States. Current funding projects: Covid-19 response for PI: Medical Mission: Food Resilience: Are you a medical professional? Please join our medical mission!

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