JACKSON, Wyoming, 83002-9584 United States

Mission Statement

To inspire curiosity and learning through Wyoming's extraordinary skies and the universe beyond.

About This Cause

Wyoming Stargazing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Jackson, Wyoming that excels at making the often difficult to understand concepts of astronomy accessible to everyone. We offer public and private stargazing programs, solar astronomy programs, planetarium programs, as well as other indoor astronomy presentations. We reach out to both the many millions of visitors who come through Jackson Hole every year, as well as to local residents. We are particularly interested in promoting nighttime family programming and in assisting our local school districts in promoting scientific literacy. We provide engaging, entertaining, and educational programs that build on the already extraordinary outdoor programs that exist in Jackson Hole. We hope that tourists leave our programs with a stronger sense of what makes Jackson Hole an amazing place; we hope that local residents will look up more often to enjoy the incredible resource we have above our heads; we hope that we can build awareness around the problems associated with light pollution; and we hope that we can light a spark for learners of all ages who might not know that they have any interest in science. At Wyoming Stargazing we share a set of common values that guide everything we do as an organization. Whether it’s a stargazing program at night, a solar astronomy program during the day, a planetarium program, or an indoor astronomy presentation we share our passion for: - Our connection with the Universe - Scientific thinking - Lifelong learning

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