SEATTLE, Washington, 98118-8745 United States

Mission Statement

To build a strong community of people linked together by common good dedicated and united in helping each other end hunger and poverty through open education, constantly evolving technology and effective volunteerism.

About This Cause

We are an all-volunteer led and funded nonprofit that aims to rewrite what food programs can be by utilizing technology. Our process and strategy have enabled us to reach more clients and volunteers without many resources. However, we recognized that for us to create an even bigger impact we need as much help as we could and that starts with you. Our goal is to ignite, define and lead a new generation of do-gooders (both donors and volunteers) to make this world less hungry and a less poor place to be. Let's zero-out poverty together! We are currently building a mobile-based application to help address hunger and food waste called the Banana App. The app connects would-be food-based donors and low-income clients through a time-sensitive tech donation platform meant for giving ready-to-eat food that were maybe overproduced, not picked-up, near best-used date by or not for display but are edible thereby preventing hunger and unnecessary waste.

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SEATTLE, Washington 98118-8745
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