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Mission Statement

The Us for Warriors Foundation, or "Us4Warriors," is a public benefit, non-profit agency dedicated to promote the social and healthy welfare of veterans, military and their families. We are 100% volunteers who help 100% of warriors and their families, regardless of age or era, and not just a select group or specific condition. The tenants of our mission are to help them live, help them prosper and help reach a point of independence and self-reliance that allows them to aspire for their dreams. We aim to fill in the gaps and help these warriors and their families live stronger lives.

About This Cause

Everything we do helps the troops, veterans and their families. Through that concise focus comes a dedicated path of belief that we can help with every action. We believe our own history of military service, veteran related endeavors and proven commitment to others every day gives the most effective and resourceful meaning imaginable. Through our support programs, helping hand deeds, inspiring events and heartfelt advocacy, we believe that the key to making lives better is to see the "whole veteran" and finding ways to engage a community to fill gaps and enrich the lives of the troops, veterans and their families. Since 2013, we have become a force for good among the Military & Veterans Community of San Diego County. In doing so, we provide services supporting a population that consists of over 95,000 military and over 240,000 veterans. On the most conservative scale, if each of those carry one dependent (whether a spouse or child), that grows to a community of over half a million troops, veterans and their families. We are here for them. From food programs serving thousands to self-reliance and transition training to community service projects through our Warrior Volunteer Force of over 350 volunteers, we support in many ways. All are uncompensated volunteers who have banded together for the common good. As the 2016 San Diego County Veterans Non-Profit of the Year, Us4Warriors continues to collaborate, grow, and serve our military and veterans communities.

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