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Mission Statement

Recognize, respect, and understand the whole person in the context of the American Muslim experience

About This Cause

Wasat connects Muslims and those interested in Islam by actively exploring the American Muslim experience through culturally relevant programming
Wasat - what? It's an Arabic word that can mean middle way, just, or balanced. It's used in the Quran to describe the community that we're intended to be. It is from this concept that we draw our inspiration.

If you're interested, you're welcome. Our events and gatherings will appeal to newer Muslims, the Islam-curious, and those born into the faith and living in the American Muslim cultural context. We value connections and collaboration with other organizations, too.

Because we all need more places to be real, get real, and be known.
Remember Superman emerging from the phone booth after Clark Kent went in? Can you relate? No super-Muslim suit needed here. Come as you are. Or to quote Imam Zaid Shakir instead of Kurt Cobain, "come as you are to Islam as it is."
Here you can feel safe figuring out what being Muslim means to you. There are the basics, and you'll find support in living that. If you're fired up and praying all night, you'll find support for that too. The point is an honest, sustainable practice that works in our lives.

Bringing you culturally relevant programming rooted in Islamic values and sacred knowledge
Serving as a hub in the greater Seattle area, connecting people and organizations
Providing support and connections to newer Muslims and others seeking assistance

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SEATTLE, Washington 98144-5115
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