SEATTLE, Washington, 98102-3203 United States

Mission Statement

LoveCityLove is taking this raw life that has always happened on the streets throughout time, across culture and in every major city in the world, and nurturing it within safe, beautiful spaces adjacent to the frenetic development all around us. In neighborhoods where upscale housing development and bars have claimed the landscape, LoveCityLove emerged as a blank canvas for the creative community to convene. We believe continuing to craft this alternative is not only possible but crucial to keep art and culture alive and thriving in our city.

About This Cause

LoveCityLove has already established itself as a cultural catalyst in five buildings in Seattle’s core, the Bauhaus building on Melrose and Pine, the CK Graphics Building at Summit & Pike, the #Azteca on Eastlake, 7th & Cherry, and now 14th & Pike . By activating these otherwise empty spaces, the audience for LoveCityLove’s open and inclusive format has grown rapidly and received significant attention.

In all five venues, LoveCityLove hosted art shows and pop-up shops from local artists and designers, produced on-going music and dance collaborations drawing hundreds of people every week, showcased the work of young artists and entrepreneurs in spaces they would not otherwise have access to, and supported art-making workshops and classes for a wide range of participants. The energy and excitement is palpable, as collaborations and projects emerge amongst unlikely players, and as more people gravitate to these unique spaces.

The project has generated income through photo shoots, space rentals and other paying clients who were drawn to the beauty and aesthetic vibration of LoveCityLove’s talented staff and curators. For public events, they have held to the principle of no alcohol to support every individual in the space to stay conscious and awake to the exchange and cultural possibilities between them.

LoveCityLove is now poised to move into a new space to grow its roots, build out the structures of the project and serve as a model for replication in multiple venues throughout Seattle and in other cities across the country.

The project has received 501c3 status so that its social mission can be supported from a variety of public and private sources, and not from the exclusivity of a liquor-fueled establishment.

Specifically, LoveCityLove seeks contributors and partners who:

• Share the vision of shaping a more dynamic, open and creative Seattle culture;

• Recognize the unique value of the project’s vibration and the potential to dramatically change artistic and cultural norms and expectations and;

• Are willing to experiment with and allow for the organic growth and evolution of the project.

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SEATTLE, Washington 98102-3203
United States
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