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Mission Statement

Support Life Foundation is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to alleviate the various forms of oppression in society by developing unique programs that maximize impact and minimize cost.

About This Cause

The programs in which Support Life Foundation has undertaken include, but are not limited to: vocational trainings, workforce development, youth tutoring, and nursing certifications, to name but a few. Support Life Foundation has coordinated and organized service projects internationally, primarily in Africa, as well as various states throughout the United States of America. The first attempt at this specific program was launched 1997 in the city of Chicago within its Southside District, which is vernacularly known as “Chiraq” (Chicago + Iraq) due to the large amount of gun-related deaths. The program was highly successful, and eventually became its own independent non-profit organization under the name “IMAN”, which is still in operation till this date, and has expanded its focus from education to also include providing healthcare services.

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