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Mission Statement

Hunger and Food Waste have been the two major crises globally. Our mission is to make a difference by delivering good quality surplus food that otherwise is thrown away and serving nutritious food to those who need it the most.

About This Cause

Food insecurity and food waste are two of the most pressing societal and environmental issues of our time. Our programs use food surplus and waste in a meaningful way for communities in need. With educational efforts that engage and encourage communities to make a difference, we hope to create greater awareness and close the life-cycle of this precious resource. Food insecurity and waste can be overwhelming, and the solutions often seem overly complicated for the individual. SOS lessens the burden of this large undertaking by providing logistics and programs to manage surplus and waste while teaching our communities to be more conscious of their resources. Food waste happens throughout the entire life cycle of food, from the plow to the plate, and therefore a single solution is not sufficient. In order to have a high impact, create behavioral change, and increase awareness, SOS approaches food waste with several platforms that engage individuals, corporations, and farmers. We provide logistics, labor, and financial support to facilitate the transfer of food to the most suitable destination. Good, edible food is rescued and shared with communities in need while food scraps are taken to composting farms that create nutrient-rich soil.

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