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Mission Statement

[Inform] we ensure people affected by MS are fully informed about evidence-based ways to help self-manage multiple sclerosis. [Support] we help people living with MS to feel supported through OMS Circles (our growing global volunteer community network). OMS Circles are accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of people affected by MS. [Empower] we advocate for and with people living with MS and demonstrate how self-management and lifestyle choices are a vital part of living a full life. We influence policymakers and campaign to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of MS self-management. [Collaborate] we support and contribute to the growing body of evidence around lifestyle choices and self-management of MS to help influence and create change amongst healthcare professionals and policymakers. We work in partnership with individuals, communities, healthcare professionals and other charities to create genuine and sustainable benefits for people living with MS.

About This Cause

Overcoming MS is the world’s leading multiple sclerosis healthy lifestyle charity. We are unique in our whole person approach and practical evidence-based focus upon self-management of MS, formulated as a holistic 7-step program. We are registered to work in England and Wales, the US and Australia, and are awaiting registration in Scotland. The OMS program addresses those lifestyle factors that are shown to influence MS progression the most, such as diet, sedentary living, stress and a lack of vitamin D. We provide extensive tailored information and support for people living with multiple sclerosis to help them make practical changes in their day-to-day lives. The OMS program is a product of pioneering work by Professor George Jelinek and the Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Australia. Its evidence is broad-based and incorporates over 1,000 pieces of research from some of the world’s leading medical journals.

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