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Mission Statement

Sustainable Capitol Hill is a network of neighbors, businesses and community groups dedicated to making Capitol Hill a sustainable community. We are working to create a vital neighborhood - one with strong connections between people, place and the local ecosystem.

About This Cause

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We envision a sustainable Capitol Hill as a neighborhood with vibrant natural, social, economic, and built environments:
Natural - We envision carbon neutrality, clean air, clean water, and a healthy habitat in balance with the dense urban environment.
Social - We envision dynamic connections within the neighborhood that create a fun place to live with a strong identity and a sense of stewardship for the greater community.
Economic - We envision a robust and equitable local economy with a strong focus on local products and produce.
Built - We envision green and livable buildings, a lively pedestrian-oriented streetscape, and a variety of clean and reliable transportation options
As a dense and vibrant urban neighborhood, Seattle's Capitol Hill is already a strong community with all the basic elements (compact living, transportation options, and a healthy local economy) that can make sustainability possible. Through education, organization, and action, we can make our neighborhood a model for a sustainable future.
Join us for monthly events that include diy workshops, informational sessions on various sustainable topics, and community building.
We also have two main projects:
- we are building a free donation-based tool library right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Come borrow tools that you don't want to own, and you don't want to store! Or come use our workshop if you don't have space in your own apartment!
- every summer, we organize fruit picking efforts around neighborhood trees to donate to food banks, turning otherwise wasted food into a valuable resource, while keeping our sidewalks clean!

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