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Mission Statement

An independent voice for liberal thought, The American Prospect is devoted to promoting informed discussion on public policy from a progressive perspective. Bimonthly in print and online daily, the Prospect covers the pressing social and economic issues of our time, addressing the necessary politics as well as the policy alternatives. We help to dispel myths, challenge conventional wisdom, and expand the dialogue.

About This Cause

The Prospect’s founders understood that growing inequality, impediments to social mobility and the erosion of the middle class were destroying the promise of our democracy. The magazine continues to bring the power of great journalism to bear on reversing those trends. Our writers are a blend of journalists who can delve deeper than most, scholars who can write for a popular audience, and citizens with stories to share. The Prospect trademark is policy as narrative, putting a human face on complex public issues. The Prospect sheds light on who has power, what they're doing with it, and explores ideas about how to bring power back to people who deserve it. At our best, we can change the dynamics of how public issues are understood and implemented, by politicians, activists, and media. Our materials are widely sourced by kindred organizations. Our stories are reprinted in textbooks and taught in university classrooms across the country. Our multi-platform approach allows us to reach and engage activists, scholars, concerned citizens, policy makers, and other media in the discussion. We are able to do this important work because of the generosity of donors like you. With your help, the Prospect will continue to pursue our mission.

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