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Mission Statement

The mission of the IEA Boosters Club is to support social, fundraising, and other activities on behalf of the Institute for Educational Achievement, a non-profit educational program for individuals with autism. Membership is open to all trustees, staff, and friends of the Institute for Educational Achievement. The Institute for Educational Achievement (IEA) is dedicated to providing effective intervention to students with autism that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of their families. IEA's goal is to enable young people with autism to live in family environments and to avoid institutionalization by helping them acquire skills that facilitate full participation in their homes and communities.

About This Cause

The IEA Boosters Club provides social, fundraising, and other activities in full support of the Institute for Educational Achievement. The Institute for Educational Achievement (IEA) is a private, non-profit educational program for children, adolescents, and adults with autism. At IEA, we provide highly individualized instruction based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our goal is to teach all learners the skills necessary for them to lead independent, productive, and happy lives. Instructional activities take place at school, at home, and in the community. Children learn critical academic, language, play and social skills. Adolescents build upon those skills and learn how to independently care for themselves, structure their time, and participate more fully in community activities. And, adults are taught to capitalize on all of the skills they have acquired and focus on integrating and using those skills to be gainfully employed, to complete daily tasks, and master home living routines. The goal for all of our students is the achievement of maximum independence, happiness, and prosperity. Since its founding in 1995, IEA has remained committed to providing individuals with autism a much needed educational experience. As a dissemination site of the Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI), a world leader in research and autism treatment, IEA employs the organizational and educational model that has proven to be effective through four decades of applied practice and research. IEA is committed to ensuring the best family and life experience for our students and those affected by autism. As such, IEA uses scientifically validated teaching procedures in the Education and Adult Programs, but also at home with the learners and their families through our intensive Home Programming services. IEA also actively conducts research, disseminates important information to the community, and provides support to the autism community at large. All of our efforts focus on ensuring that individuals with autism achieve their full potential.

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