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Mission Statement

Helping individuals realize greater impact with their giving; strengthening the nonprofit sector; and enriching the social sector – that’s the collective work of this global network.

About This Cause

SVP is cutting across not just geographies, but across political beliefs and cultures. There is something universal in what each and all of us are doing and it resonates around the world … it’s about the connectedness of doing philanthropy collectively, the power of a local / regional / national / worldwide network, and it’s about people unlocking their own potential to change their neighborhood or their world.

How do we leverage the collective power of the Network when every SVP member in the Network is autonomous?

That’s the work of the Network Office. We are the invisible backbone that assists each member in the Network to achieve deeper local impact in their community while also propelling the entire Network to broader impact worldwide. We provide innovative tools, extensive resources, outcomes data, opportunities for engagement and learning – all with an eye to unleashing the philanthropic potential of individuals, communities and the broader philanthropic sector.

We build the Network’s capacity to collaborate. We harness and share best practices for innovative programs. We bring together resources that drive collaboration. Perhaps best of all – we mobilize the social, intellectual and financial capital that is expanding our network across the globe.

We develop leaders. The Network Office connects staff, Partners and our nonprofit investees to each other and throughout communities. Our learning communities invite everyone to stretch to their greatest potential.

We champion new and established SVPs. We lead the effort to expand the SVP model to new cities. And, we guide existing members in the Network to their new level of growth.

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SEATTLE, Washington 98104-2222
United States
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