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Mission Statement

Specific purpose of PSPA is to set up homes for orphans and destitute women in India, providing them a family structure, education and training to be global citizens; provide professional and vocational training to the tribal and abandoned women so they may resettle in their own respective areas; provide schools and health facilities to help the needy through “Param Shakti Peeth” (PSP) or any other charitable organization registered in India, engaged in similar charitable activities and approved by PSPA Board of Directors.

About This Cause

Spiritual Head: Revered Sadhvi Ritambhara (aka Pujya Didi Maa) who has devoted her entire life for fulfilment of the above objective is the spiritual head of this organization. She is the founder of Vatsalya Gram and has organized various activities under the umbrella of Param Shakti Peeth (PSP). Some of the main activities are as follows Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan: Revered Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji established Vatsalya Gram on the holy land of Vrindavan where children deprived of their mothers' love can avail loving hugs from devoted women . Vatsalya Family consisting of five girls and two boys, with a loving mother, an aunt (mausi) and a grandmother (nani). Picture on the right shows boys and girls studying in school. Vatsalya Gram, spread over 52 acres, is an innovation concept of Didi Maa Ji that has left the world awestruck. Every Vatsalya family is constituted of five girls, two boys with a loving mother, an aunt and grandma who complement one another Krishna Brahmaratan Vidya Mandir – (Primary School) Here 2 meals a day are provided along with free education for under-privileged children. Children of poor families study here under the guidance of qualified teachers who assist them in marching towards their golden future Samvid Gurukulam International School – (Sr. Secondary School) Following a modern education system is essential to enable the nation to keep pace with a world that is marching fast in the field of science and technology. Rishi Ashram India has attained much progress in the field of science and technology, but without spiritual knowledge it is incomplete . True Knowledge is attained through a good mentor i.e. Sadguru Revered Anantshri Vibhushit Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramanand Ji Giri Maharaj Sanskar Vatika – (Morals and Value Creation) In the daily life of children, there is a great significance of sanskaras, of conditionings that will affect their future. Susanskar, i.e. good conditioning, change the whole and sole of one’s life. “Sanskar Vatika” of Vatsalya Gram provides sanskar to students once the school day is over. Arrangements are made to acquaint students with ancient Indian scriptures and philosophies. In the afternoon, children get this kind of education and learn morals under the guidance of erudite teachers. “Sanskar Vatika” is a product of an idea that the right combination of ancient values and modern education will give students a polished holistic development Nanhi Duniya” – Children's World Nature is the first school for any developing child. Greenery, rivers, mountains, sky, birds and animals ignite fresh inquisitions in his or her mind. It is awe that raises questions which are very important for development. “Nanhi Duniya” has been shaped with this idea in mind. Nanhi Duniya is a beautiful and natural environment introducing children to many secrets of nature. Vatsalya Academy, Jwala Nagar, Delhi This center provides education to children from nursery to 8th grade and specialized training to women who financially are not in a position to arrange for it on their own. Vatsalya Gram, Omkareshwar (Madhya Pradesh) This service center of Param Shakti Peeth is situated near the holy town of Jyotirlinga – Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh. With holy inspiration from Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara JI, a free residential girl’s school is being run for the poor tribal girls. Here, students are able to use the available residential facilities, food, uniforms, books, etc. A school building for High School Standards based on CBSC syllabus has been constructed. Vatsalya Gram, Sijai, Distt. Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh) As per Revered Didi Maa's determination, Param Shkti Peeth is playing a vital role in the development of this area. Here are being constructed a residential girls school and well -arranged Goshala (cow abode). An eye clinic with free cataract procedures is being arranged. Vatsalya Gram, Village – Variya, Nalagarh, (Himachal Pradesh) This center in the land of Gods – Himachal Pradesh is in the process of development. This is a beautiful place all surrounded by mountains. In the campus of this center are to be constructed a temple, a guesthouse and a higher secondary school with hostel facilities. Udyamita: Cottage Industry and Vocational Training Center A cottage industry and vocational training center of Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan is a place where women are trained through professional courses so that they can attain self-entrepreneurship and contribute to the family income. The main objective of this center is to provide training for domestic industry, cottage industry and other production based technologies. Vatsalya Vocational Training Community College Through the inspiration of Revered Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji, Param Shakti Peeth has established Vatsalya Vocational Community College in a backward area of East Delhi. The college has been successful in making opportunities of employment available to many students which has enabled them to stand on their own feet. Save the Girl Child Movement Param Shakti Peeth has initiated a public awareness movement around this issue. Revered Didi Maa JI always keeps this campaign running through her kathas and religious discourses. Param Shakti Peeth organizes free medical camps to address the issue of anemia under the expert guidance of qualified doctors. Financially unequipped women are provided hygienic pads free of charge.

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